War between USA and China will break out in South Sudan

Suleiman Jammous, coordinator of the humanitarian help inside the Darfurian rebel group JEM, returned to Slovenia after a year. While living with his great friend and soul mate Tomo Križnar, he will be received by Foreign Minister Samuel Žbogar, Minister of Culture Majda Širca and Member of the European Parliament Ivo Vajgl. His visit is the opportunity for the Slovenian (not only) Foreign Policy, after they opportunistically ignored the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama, to repair their ethical file at least for a little bit.

Conference on Darfur

Experts on Africa from our Universities and non-governmental organizations, media, politicians and the rest of the civil public will take part in this conference. We will also present the 4600 signatures, which we have gathered together with Amnesty International with the demand that the European Foreign Policy takes part in the humanitarian and political rescuing of Darfur and Sudan. The event will be accompanied by Slovenian musicians Nude, Tomaž Pengov and Igor Leonardi with their songs of support for Darfur.

Visit of the humanitarian coordinator for Darfur

This is the man who has addressed you after the screening of our documentary Dar Fur – War for water. It is still time for the European Union and Slovenia to act now so that we are not sorry later. That is why we have invited the right man to come and present to the public and institutions the conditions under which millions of potential corpses are trapped in the biggest and most important African country.