What We Do

We’re helping the innocent Sudanese who are the victims of violence

Tomo Križnar’s supporters joined forces and founded the H.O.P.E. Humanitarian Foundation with the purpose of joining Tomo’s efforts and campaigns to protect the civilians in Sudan. We’ve joined Tomo Križnar on his travels to Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile province, and we help him deliver the equipment directly to the people who need it.

When we were with them, they didn’t ask for food or clothes. They asked us to help them prove the connection between the victims of violence and their attackers using computers, video cameras, flying video cameras (drones) and satellite internet modems to publish the videos on the internet.

You can’t imagine how the cameras can help the natives? This is how a local man explained the power of the cameras: “As long as the camera is here, they won’t attack us. The evildoers, rapists and killers are afraid of cameras. If the cruel assailants were recognized on video, even their own families and relatives would condemn, ostracize or even kill them.”

 “There is less and less water. The wells are drying out. And river sources as well.” says the chief Darfur humanitarian Suleiman Jamous. Water is the main source of survival; that’s why we’re raising funds for a drilling rig mounted on a truck, which will make it possible to search for new water sources. The Darfurians themselves have found a used mobile drilling rig for €90,000. We need to provide the equipment, pipes and water pumps for individual wells as well. To do that, we need at least an additional €30,000.

War zones in Sudan where H.O.P.E. operates:


In ancient Egyptian, Nuba means slave. The Nuba Mountains are the mountains of slaves, where for centuries caravans of slave raiders would travel to hunt the strongest and healthiest Africans.  


 Indigenous black peoples of Darfur have been warning about exploitation and marginalization since the 1960s, but this only led to even more violence, attacks and later to systematic extermination.


The peace agreement was orchestrated by the USA and the EU after 21 years of war that took the lives of more than 2 million members of indigenous African tribes.


On 14 December 2013 a new war broke out in the newly-independent Republic of South Sudan, less than two years after the declaration of its independence.