Jammous: Slovenians in EU contribute the most to Darfur

Climatic changes are the cause for increasing reign of water deficit in Darfur. Therefore, populations around Darfur are putting pressure on the water resources of the volcanic mountain Jebel Marra, where the water reserves are vast. But that causes even more tensions. Despite everything there are enormous reservoirs of underground water in Darfur, but there is a problem, how to get to it. That is why Tomo Križnar and Klemen Mihelič (humanitarian organization H.O.P.E.) want to raise enough money for the transportable drilling device with which the people of Darfur could replace wells, which are being bombarded by government solders on a daily basis.

Innocent people are losing their voices in their cry for help

To prevent the worst, some of us ‘’small people’’ decided to establish a humanitarian foundation. We got to the heart of the problem and achieved ‘’the impossible’’. With the help of mini cameras we stopped the rapes and violence against women and children of Darfur in a large part of the region. The problem is enormous though and this is only a small victory. That is why now we are striving to ensure a safe access to water for the people of Darfur. Until recently they could get safely to it at night, but then the government of Sudan introduced a new tactic and started to bombard water resources even at night. If the people want to access the water resources safely, they need a drilling device with which they could drill for new wells.

Slovenia is the voice of the oppressed in Darfur

‘’With small cameras from Slovenia more than 20.000 people in Darfur become members of the peace mission,’’ ensures the humanitarian coordinator of the rebel groups Suleiman Jammous, who has visited Slovenia again. MMC Interview with the leading members of the rebels of Darfur.

War between USA and China will break out in South Sudan

Suleiman Jammous, coordinator of the humanitarian help inside the Darfurian rebel group JEM, returned to Slovenia after a year. While living with his great friend and soul mate Tomo Križnar, he will be received by Foreign Minister Samuel Žbogar, Minister of Culture Majda Širca and Member of the European Parliament Ivo Vajgl. His visit is the opportunity for the Slovenian (not only) Foreign Policy, after they opportunistically ignored the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama, to repair their ethical file at least for a little bit.