Tomo Križnar’s new documentary

Droni nad Nubami
Droni nad Nubami

Tomo Križnar is preparing a new documentary about drones, the unmanned aerial vehicles that can either destroy lives or save them. “The Roots and Seeds of Mankind – Drones over the Nuba” will be a 90-minute documentary describing the experience of testing the cheapest flying cameras in the Nuba Mountains, and the response of the masters of the real, bigger drones.

Drones make it possible to kill innocent people, but they can also be used to prevent violence - like in the Congo, where they were used to significantly reduce violence and almost put an end to a ten-year war. Drones and cameras could be used in Sudan as well to effectively prevent the most horrific atrocities taking place as the African indigenous peoples are being exterminated in areas where the owners of capital are fighting for control over natural resources.

Why isn’t the international community using drones with cameras in the Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile, Darfur and the new war in the Republic of South Sudan as well? How did the first drone we used do? It was a small quadrocopter with a transmitter and camera that was used to patrol the skies over the Nuba Mountains.

We already have the raw footage, now we need funds for directing, editing and post-production. We kindly ask for your donation.