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We're in a hurry. Great hurry.

We're in a hurry. Great hurry.

On January 9, an independence referendum will be carried out in the Southern Sudan, which will almost certainly succeed. Sudan will break up into two parts, and the African continent will get a new country. It sounds promising; however, the potential consequences would be fatal for the broader region21. 12. 2010 at 12h In Ljubljana More

The Band NUDE resleased its single "No more war" in support of Darfur

The Band NUDE resleased its single "No more war" in support of Darfur

The band worked with Slovenian activist Tomo Kriznar who is active in struggle to inform and report to the World of the genocide in Darfur. The video for the song includes his material from his missions to Darfur in 2006 with the support of late Slovenian president Mr.Janez Drnovsek. The material is taken from Tomo's internationally rewardde documentary DARFUR – WAR FOR WATER. More:  



Petek 10. in sobota 11. december, Izbruhov kulturni bazen, Kranj NUDE - THE TIDE - TOMAŽ PENGOV - FAKE ORCESTRA - ZEZE RAKOTO IZ MADAGASKARJA - EMŠO BLUES BAND - KUD BAOBAB - ULIXES - MESTNI POSTOPAČI (ex Leteči potepuhi )

Become a better person. Helping yourself and others by understanding and controlling your own mind.

Become a better person. Helping yourself and others by understanding and controlling your own mind.

In the words of Jose Silva: by helping humanity, you are also helping yourself, as you, too, are part of mankind. This view of life should encourage us to help every being to be creative, successful and happy. But it is important to perceive things this way if one only uses the left – objective – hemisphere of the brain at the beta level. At this physical beta level, it appears that if someone else gets something, then you cannot have it. But when you reach that higher alpha level, you realise that the more you give, the more you get. Giving is what is rewarding, not just taking.


The Geneva's Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue will organise negotiations between rebel groups in Darfur and the Sudanese government in order to provide access of the humanitarian aid to civilian population to those areas in Darfur which have been inaccessible to foreigners since 2003 due to the war in this Sudanese province. The first meeting where the senior humanitarian adviser of the HD Centre, Dennis McNamara, and the humanitarian coordinator of the leading JEM resistance group (Justice and Equality Movement), Suleiman Jamous, will negotiate for the list of representatives of other rebel groups will be held tomorrow on 11th of June in a villa at the Lake of Geneva.


Brussels – Ivo Vajgl hosted in the European Parliament in Strasbourg the peacekeepers Tomo Križnar and Suleiman Jamous who warned the EU not to hold folded arms any longer with regard to burning problems in Darfur. “We have to stop toasting with champagne and acting like crazy hens but do something for the humanity," called Križnar.


“The testifying by Suleiman Jamous and Tomo Križnar before the members of the European Parliament have unfortunately disclosed that current peace negotiations and the recent election in Sudan which were anything but democratic raise only little hope that things will take a turn for the better soon. Nonetheless or even because of that it is necessary for us to provide a reinforced engagement,”declared Vajgl after today’s talks in Strasbourg.

Exchange of views on Sudan election and conflict in Darfur

I will host two guests during the plenary session next week, Mr Suleiman Jammous from Darfur/Sudan and Mr. Tomo Križnar from Slovenia. Both have a very deep knowledge about and personal experience with the conflict in Darfur and also wider Sudan-related human rights issues. Mr. Jammous is the humanitarian coordinator within the JEM resistance group (Justice and Equality Movement) in Darfur. He has been campaigning for justice in Darfur and other regions of Sudan since the 1960s. Recently, Mr Jammous Jamous was also a JEM delegate to the Darfur peace talks in Doha, Qatar.

Jammous: Slovenians in EU contribute the most to Darfur

Climatic changes are the cause for increasing reign of water deficit in Darfur. Therefore, populations around Darfur are putting pressure on the water resources of the volcanic mountain Jebel Marra, where the water reserves are vast. But that causes even more tensions. Despite everything there are enormous reservoirs of underground water in Darfur, but there is a problem, how to get to it. That is why Tomo Križnar and Klemen Mihelič (humanitarian organization H.O.P.E.) want to raise enough money for the transportable drilling device with which the people of Darfur could replace wells, which are being bombarded by government solders on a daily basis.

Innocent people are losing their voices in their cry for help

To prevent the worst, some of us ‘’small people’’ decided to establish a humanitarian foundation. We got to the heart of the problem and achieved ‘’the impossible’’. With the help of mini cameras we stopped the rapes and violence against women and children of Darfur in a large part of the region. The problem is enormous though and this is only a small victory. That is why now we are striving to ensure a safe access to water for the people of Darfur. Until recently they could get safely to it at night, but then the government of Sudan introduced a new tactic and started to bombard water resources even at night. If the people want to access the water resources safely, they need a drilling device with which they could drill for new wells.

Slovenia is the voice of the oppressed in Darfur

‘’With small cameras from Slovenia more than 20.000 people in Darfur become members of the peace mission,’’ ensures the humanitarian coordinator of the rebel groups Suleiman Jammous, who has visited Slovenia again. MMC Interview with the leading members of the rebels of Darfur.

War between USA and China will break out in South Sudan

Suleiman Jammous, coordinator of the humanitarian help inside the Darfurian rebel group JEM, returned to Slovenia after a year. While living with his great friend and soul mate Tomo Križnar, he will be received by Foreign Minister Samuel Žbogar, Minister of Culture Majda Širca and Member of the European Parliament Ivo Vajgl. His visit is the opportunity for the Slovenian (not only) Foreign Policy, after they opportunistically ignored the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama, to repair their ethical file at least for a little bit.

Conference on Darfur

Experts on Africa from our Universities and non-governmental organizations, media, politicians and the rest of the civil public will take part in this conference. We will also present the 4600 signatures, which we have gathered together with Amnesty International with the demand that the European Foreign Policy takes part in the humanitarian and political rescuing of Darfur and Sudan. The event will be accompanied by Slovenian musicians Nude, Tomaž Pengov and Igor Leonardi with their songs of support for Darfur.

Visit of the humanitarian coordinator for Darfur

This is the man who has addressed you after the screening of our documentary Dar Fur – War for water. It is still time for the European Union and Slovenia to act now so that we are not sorry later. That is why we have invited the right man to come and present to the public and institutions the conditions under which millions of potential corpses are trapped in the biggest and most important African country.