How you can help

Every contribution will be used solely for the chosen cause

 Every single donation counts. That’s why we would like to thank you on behalf of the Sudanese, who are in need for every contribution no matter how modest it might seem to you. Bear in mind that your contribution might be the one that saves someone’s life.

We’re currently raising funds for these projects: Tomo Križnar’s new documentary, internet access and cameras, a mobile drilling rig for searching for potable water, and Slovenian children in need. You can also contribute by purchasing H.O.P.E. products or donating part of your income tax for H.O.P.E. projects.

Donate for projects

Internet access and cameras for Sudan

Cameras save lives because criminals are afraid of being caught on tape. The video footage documents violence and can be used as evidence in a court of law.

  • 100.3%
  • 200.535,54 €
  • 200.000,00 €
A drilling rig for water

In Sudan, drinking water is scarce. But without it, there’s no life. The armed forces are additionally contributing to the shortage by bombing wells and thus threatening the lives of the local people.

  • 115.3%
  • 201.714,69 €
  • 175.000,00 €
Tomo Križnar’s new documentary

Tomo Križnar is preparing a new documentary about drones, the unmanned aerial vehicles that can either destroy lives or save them.

Children of Slovenia

The situation in Slovenia isn’t very rosy either since a lot of children live in poverty. We want to help them by donating school supplies. The children are especially glad when they get notebooks with beautiful neutral motives.

  • 101.0%
  • 25.261,59 €
  • 25.000,00 €

Sudanese amulets and necklaces

In Darfur, almost everyone wears at least one good luck amulet called a hijab.

Calendar and Greeting cards

The calendar is a product of the combined efforts of humanitarian Tomo Križnar and the H.O.P.E.

Eco books

The publishing house Eko knjiga has published three books featuring three teenage sisters with magical powers.

Tomo Križnar's books and movies

Based on his own experience and discussions with the indigenous peoples of the area, the world traveller and humanitarian worker Tomo Križnar has written two books about the situation in Sudan: Nuba: Pure People and Oil and Water. He has also made three documentaries: Eyes and Ears of God – Video surveillance of Sudan, Dar Fur – War for Water, and a short documentary Blue Nile – Sudan.

Donate a part of your income tax

You can donate a part of your income tax to H.O.P.E. or the Tomo Križnar Foundation, thus helping the people of Sudan.

Transfer the request:

A completed form can be submitted at any time via the Slovenian online  eDavki system. You can also make your request in writing or orally on record with the tax authority.

In accordance with the rules of the H.O.P.E. Humanitarian Foundation and the Tomo Križnar Foundation, the received amount will be used solely for the purpose of helping people in need. It will also be entered on the list of our donors.

In accordance with Article 142 of the Law on Personal Income Tax – Zdoh-2/Personal Income Tax Act 2 (Official Gazette of RS, no. 117/06, 10/ 08, 78 / 08), resident taxpayers may request that up to 0.5% of their personal income tax, levied under this Act on income that is included in the annual tax base, be allocated for financing generally useful purposes and to fund political parties and representative trade unions. Deemed as generally useful are humanitarian purposes (including the protection of human rights), protection against natural and other disasters, disability, sports, charitable, ecological, cultural, religious and other purposes that are carried out within the framework of activities of Slovenian residents, established for carrying out those activities as non-profit activities on the basis of special regulations, and which, by a special law or based on a special law and because of performing these activities, receive a special status or it is determined that their activity is in the public interest or is charitable. As residents in the preceding sentence shall not be considered resident legal persons that are established by or whose members are legal persons, governed by public law.

Beneficiaries that can be allocated a part of the taxpayers’ personal income tax are set out in the Regulation to allocate a part of income tax for donations (Official Gazette of RS, no. 30/07 and 36/07), and a list of beneficiaries (by name or title of the beneficiaries and the tax number) is published on the website of the Tax administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

The taxpayer can allocate 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3%, 0.4% or 0.5% of the income tax to each beneficiary. The sum allocated to all beneficiaries cannot exceed 0.5% of the income tax.

A taxable person may make a request for allocation at any time through the eDavki system at, or in writing or orally on the record with the tax authority.
The tax authority shall comply with all applicable requests at its disposal on 31 December of the year for which the income tax is levied. The request applies up to the time when the tax authority receives a new request or a revocation of the request.