Tomovo sporočilo za javnost

Tomovo sporočilo za javnost

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The sistem of photo and video ground monitoring rebel areas of Nuba Mountains has started this morning. Eleven highly motivated men divided into five teams hastly left Kauda to go to the front lines in Kadugli, Kurchi, Talodi, Western Jebels, Heiban and Delami equipped with ten mini video cameras, ten common "turist" cameras, four laptops and two mobile internet satellite modems, all organised by slovenian humanitarian organisation HOPE.

They are competing who will send more competent pictures and footage of the new war which started on June 6 in - to the outside world completly sealed off and besieged - South Kordofan.

The aim of project called by the founding members "The Eyes and Ears" is to enable international community to see what is going on. And to give proof that Omar Bashir, president of Sudan and Mohamad Haruon, governer of the province, both accused by International court in Haag to be guilty of four main crimes against humanity, genocide included, are lying: claiming that in province populated mostly by indigenous Africans, - who supposed to remain after separation of South Sudan on July 9 with their traditional enemy, although they fought in previous war side by side with southener SPLA, - that there is no war in South Kordofan.

In the last weeks more than 50 towns have been bombed, by the words of SPLA commander Abdel Aziz half million people have been displaced, nobody knows yet how many civilians killed. All international humanitarian agencies left the area. Main battle between Sudan army forces and SPLA rebels is fought in Kadugli - a capital where by the words of escaped Nuba intelectuals, who claimed to be haunted house by house and killed even in front of UN compound - breathing is unberable due to rotten corpses lying everywhere.

Tomo Križnar, 22. junij 2011

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