Novo poročilo iz Nubskih gora

Novo poročilo iz Nubskih gora

Poročilo iz Nubskih gora, 25. junij 2011

Children have enough. Lots of crying, lots of questions. Non stop ready for run. MiGs are not Antonovs from the last war in Nuba Mountains (1985 - 2001), they cross the sky over the valley in a couple of seconds. Yesterday we ran five times - never jumped in safety before they are on the other side of the sky.


Women are depressed. Men are angry.
Yesterday we got seven bombs targeting airstrip. We all understand why.
We collected some remains and took them as evidence. Full of nails. UNMIS did not come. "They never come!" "They are useless!" "They are locked in their heavy guarded compound near airstrip." "They are here only to take money of international taxpayers". "The only ones who have mandate of international community are not doing nothing to protect the civilians." "They are mostly Egiptians. They work together with Sudan government!"

"It is all just bussiness - as usual."
This morning I found people putting leaves on the roofs of their huts covered with blue plastic sheets donated long ago by UN agencies.

Kauda is nearly empty. Most of them left for the mountain caves. They can cultivate seeds planted and sprauting after first good rain three days ago. Sorghum plants may die just like their people.

Let this most humble and natural people on Earth cultivate the land and sing thanks to Rain.
Let us close the sky over them for all flying machines of death.
Let the sky be open only for rain.
Let these noble humans thank us for protection of their most basic human rights.

Tomo Križnar

In the womb of mother Earth with her children, on 25. june 2011

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