Miren dan

Miren dan

Miren dan

Only one disturbance by MiG. Hit dry riwer bed near Kauda. Farmers immideately desapered from fileds up in the mountains among greath granite blocks. Vilages empthy, markets empthy, no vagetables, no fruit - only a couplo of lemons.

Is this first peacefull day a result of yestrday in Adis Ababa negotiated frame for an peace agreement?

"Nobody over here is expressing any trust in negotiations with government.

"We do not trust them after all they done to us. They are just using another trick now - to  exterminate us from our land. "

"There will be no changes in Sudan until this government go!"

Oil in this country of oil is alredy problem. Generators are runing less and less time. Cars are more and more rear moving araund.

Everybody over here fears hunger.Feeling wee are entering life under Siege in the last war 1986 - 2001.

See my documentaries "Nuba, pure people" and "Nuba,voices from the other side" (2000 and 2001).

This are some photos of the victims in Hospital ... who survived  bombardement on Kurchi last sunday.

They said they have been just fetching water from the bore hole. And enjoying market day, when ...

Feel priviliged to meet doctor who did not obey and leave his patients, when everybody was leaving. It is stll time to go. "But I know I will regret if I leave ..." he said.

Tomo Kriznar, June 29.2011

Vse novice