zemljevid Ostala območja
zemljevid Ostala območja

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THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN: On 14 December 2013 a new war broke out in the newly-independent Republic of South Sudan, less than two years after the declaration of its independence. This time not against the Arabs from the north, but between two of the biggest tribes, the Dinka and the Nuer, which had fought together in the last war in the rebellious army of slaves, the SPLA. Tens of thousands of Africans died in three months; a million people fled to UN bases; the international organizations that are present, including the UN, warn about hunger threatening seven million local people who can no longer provide food for themselves by growing vegetables and herding.

Armed conflicts and the overall danger in the Republic of South Sudan have blocked the ways we used to travel before the beginning of this new war to somehow deliver cameras to the Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile and Darfur. The situation is worse than ever before and it’s getting even worse day by day.

BOTH SUDANS together are the scene of some of the worst suffering on our planet. In view of the experience of all these years, we can no longer count on the UN Security Council. The world is leaving these “black Indians” to the same fate that the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Australia and the islands in the Pacific faced in the last centuries. The only chance for help is a civil initiative for a reaction outside the realm of international institutions, which are obviously without exception in the hands of warlords from all corners of the planet.

We are calling out for help to all of you who haven’t lost your sensibility. Please help the natives with technology that can make it possible for them to report what is happening. Please support video surveillance of Sudan with cameras and flying cameras (drones), which are being used more and more all around the world - justifiably and unjustifiably. If there are no more heroes who are prepared to stand up for the victims of wars for natural resources, we still have technology to help us inform the global public. Our descendants are watching and will one day judge us – was there any humanity left in us in 2014, or were we only soulless, insensible machines?

Today, all of us in the so-called civilised world are slaves of technology. Let’s give this technology that is enslaving us so tightly that we are losing our humanity, to those we kill and eat, so that they themselves can appeal for help to the last remnants of humanity. If we help them establish contact, maybe we’ll have a chance of remaining more human ourselves.

War in Sudan

Ostala področja v Sudanu, ki potrebujejo pomoč


In ancient Egyptian, Nuba means slave. The Nuba Mountains are the mountains of slaves, where for centuries caravans of slave raiders would travel to hunt the strongest and healthiest Africans.  


 Indigenous black peoples of Darfur have been warning about exploitation and marginalization since the 1960s, but this only led to even more violence, attacks and later to systematic extermination.


The peace agreement was orchestrated by the USA and the EU after 21 years of war that took the lives of more than 2 million members of indigenous African tribes.