zemljevid Modri Nil
zemljevid Modri Nil

Blue Nile

The peace agreement was orchestrated by the USA and the EU after 21 years of war that took the lives of more than 2 million members of indigenous African tribes. It only gave the right of self-determination to the African tribes south of the old colonial border, but overlooked the natives in the Nuba Mountains, Darfur and the Blue Nile province. They were left in the old Sudan despite the fact that they had fought for basic human rights side by side with the Dinka, the Nuer, the Shilluk and other tribes of the south.

The African tribes of the Blue Nile province were left to their own devices after the secession of the Republic of South Sudan, much like the tribes in the Nuba Mountains. The difference is that up to this day, we, the activists, were unable to get any reporters, observers or humanitarian organizations to the Blue Nile province. Most of the population was driven to refugee camps on the other side of the border, in South Sudan, which were set up by the international community. The SPLA rebels (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) in the Blue Nile are persevering together with rebels from the Nuba Mountains and Darfur. Together, they form the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), but are receiving no help whatsoever from any global military force.

Half a million natives who are still persisting on the soil that holds the bones of their ancestors are hiding in the bushes by the rivers without any help from the rest of humanity. UN agencies left the Nuba Mountains when the new war broke out on 1 July 2011 – they were never present in the Blue Nile province to begin with. In the Blue Nile, there are still no medications or painkillers, nor are there any schools. We haven’t been able to get any famous people to visit the Blue Nile province (George Clooney visited the Nuba Mountains in March 2012), let alone reporters of any of the world’s major media (BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera...), who were drawn to the Nuba Mountains by our footage made at the beginning of the war. The Blue Nile province is cut off from the world’s attention, the suffering of its people is hidden from our sight.  

Life in Blue Nile

War in Blue Nile

War in Sudan

Ostala področja v Sudanu, ki potrebujejo pomoč


In ancient Egyptian, Nuba means slave. The Nuba Mountains are the mountains of slaves, where for centuries caravans of slave raiders would travel to hunt the strongest and healthiest Africans.  


 Indigenous black peoples of Darfur have been warning about exploitation and marginalization since the 1960s, but this only led to even more violence, attacks and later to systematic extermination.


On 14 December 2013 a new war broke out in the newly-independent Republic of South Sudan, less than two years after the declaration of its independence.