The Band NUDE resleased its single "No more war" in support of Darfur

The Band NUDE resleased its single "No more war" in support of Darfur

The song is from their Slovenian album »Seven worlds« - Sedem svetov.

The band worked with Slovenian activist Tomo Kriznar (  who is active in struggle to inform and report to the World of the genocide in Darfur. The video for the song includes his material from his missions to Darfur in 2006 with the support of late Slovenian president Mr.Janez Drnovsek. The material is taken from Tomo's internationally rewardde documentary DARFUR – WAR FOR WATER.

The video supports the international humanitarian organisation H.O.P.E.( in its fundraiser for mobile ad hoc video surveillance system cameras for Darfur which actually stops killing and raping of women and children in DARFUR.

The band says:

»We are living in a time of uncertainty, economic and other crises, climatic change, wars, terorism in a decade which was ment to be a decade of peace. Killing is daily news in media rarely informs of any good news which would inspire or motivate people.

The song No more war and it's video want to warn that change is necessary and it needs to start now! The history repeats and the crisis is not just economic but a human one. DARFUR happens a lot and next it could be with you! Because it just didn't pay off to save the struggling Darfurians! The viewers attitude towards killing innocents must change, our attitude must CHANGE! EARTH has to CHANGE!!«

The video fetures Mr.Suleiman Jammous, the humanitarian coordinator of JEM of Darfur, the mail rebellian fraction (Justice and Equality Movement). Its was directed and edited by Peter Braatz, filmed by Gasper Gorenak, produced by NUDE.

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