Women demand UNMIS to leave

Women demand UNMIS to leave

Women demand UNMIS to leave

»We do not trust you!« expresed woman speakers one after another in front of heaqy armoured egiptian and chines man under blue helmets.Woman, children and old people demonstrated in front of UNMIS camp in Kauda demanding leave of mostly egiptian soldiers contingent from their besieged and day by day bombarded country becouse UNMIS is not doing nothing to protect their families.

»Talodi, Buram, Um Dorein, Sardiba, Kowalib … you never come to see kiled victims. What are you reporting at all and to whom?«

»You are splying for Omar Bashir and Mohamad Haroun. You must go with them to ICC …«

UNMIS first refused demonstrators to enter, demanding only one speaker. The crowd pushed to join here, but soldiers pushed the dor back. Crawd then brecked the lock. For some moments situation was very intense, man in uniforms loaded guns and started armoured wehicle. But the Nuba with children in their hands then quite angry Nuba woman. After that everybody was alowed to enter UNMIS compound and expres emotions freely.

After about an hour demonstrators left leaving papers with slogans: »Go Egiptians, we do not need you!« »Antonovs and MIGs =Death for children!«»Let me go to my scool!« among others peacefuly left homes.

One hour leter Antonov bomber apeared on the sky. It cross the sky among greath panic, that this is now the revenge for what they done it this morning. At the moment we are still waiting the return of a bomber and if emphty - report where it downloaded it self. And photos and footages of new death among themost inocent people on the earth…

Tomo Križnar, in the hole with children, June 28.2011

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