The Lost Hope Hearts

The Lost Hope Hearts

The Lost Hope Hearts

By Koni Awad


Up and down, side by side, the heads move.

Where to lay and where to run to?

There is a sound up in the sky.

There is a sound on the ground.

Which one to fear the most?

Which one is more dangerous?


Of course the ground sound.

Before everyone is laying down with our bellies,

our eyes look down on the ground which some of

us will be buried after the Sound.

The roaring of the bombing sound determines our lives.

Before it landed, our hearts have no hope.

Where it landed gives hope or no hope.


The ground sound makes confusion.

Mothers and fathers start to count their children.

No meal until night.

Waiting to hear the sky sound, is the only work of the day.

Some people curse the day, others wish nights can be longer

than days.


Questions  upon the air and the ground sound.

The sleeping eyes rise and look in the air.

Is it coming back?

Where will the second round bombs be drop?

Will we be still alive until tonight?

Will the holes and caves we laid in, be our graves?

When will the evil heart be transformed?

Whose voice will be heard by the evil man?

How many of us will remain after the work

of the evil man?

Who will remain? Children or parents?

Is our creator watching that pilot even though he is killing?


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