The Eyes and the Ears of God

The Eyes and the Ears of God

Starting today we are announcing premiere of the English version of the movie EYES AND EARS OF GOD – VIDEO CONTROL OF SUDAN by Tomo Križnar and Maja Weiss on the YouTube channel:

The Eyes and the Ears of God - full documentary on YouTube


We are trying hard to announce it to the world audience in the next hours and days. Please help! Especially politicians, charitable workers, economists,... must realize that the extermination of people in the Nuba mountains, Blue Nile, Abyej and Darfur is happening right now. The world must react and send peace forces of the UN, bring humanitarian aid and intermediate between sides to stop the war. Also EU must  react, at least foreign politics of EU parliament, and send their observers in Sudan.


All the world must learn about the crime  which is hidden, because there are no reporters there, only George Clooney with help of Ryan Boyette, American co-worker of the Eyes and ears of God project and Tomo Križnar's friend is reporting about it.


Click on the movie, watch it trough, GET ACTIVATED! Only together, with joint forces, we can hope to influence the very fatal events that are building up in central Sudan right now. Spread it on...



George Clooney on Fox news:
Clooney uses star power to shine light on Sudanese atrocities

Similar to  the case with Nicholas Christy from the New York Times last month, the attention of Clooney and Prendregast from the Satellite Sentinel Project and the Enough Project was attracted by the bloody images of the initiative “Eyes and Ears of God – Video Surveillance of Sudan” that is being expanded in the entire war zone between both Sudans from Darfur to the Blue Nile.  “The grass that gets trampled when elephants fight” has to be equipped with as many cameras and satellite modems that enable access to the Internet as possible, because they will help victims on the border between the new South Sudan and what is left from the old Sudan and call the rest of humanity that still feels compassion for help.

See for yourself the impact of “Eyes and Ears of God – Video Surveillance of Sudan” and contribute your share. I guarantee that the H.O.P.E. Humanitarian Foundation ( and Tomo Križnar (www.tomokriž will not misuse your funds but will deliver these items 100% for free to the altar of the greatest humanitarian disaster on Earth.

Please, donate!

All attention must be immediately paid to the Blue Nile province in the east of Sudan, where the media and humanitarian organisations, even the stars in the sky, keep ignoring the extermination of native people, just as they ignored the Nuba Mountains until last week when Clooney returned with his short movie. I believe that in the moral state of the world today no one can be 100% sure of the intentions of various people and organisations responding to our reports (for example George Clooney and John Prendregast in the above interview on the Fox News website) nor of the reactions of the people committing genocide in Khartoum to the efforts of Western activists. Will the Sudanese Government, along with China as its strongest oil partner, really be willing to negotiate and ease its demands in the further division of areas of interest in what is left of Sudan, and not form a new world alliance against the West with Iran?  Will they immediately avenge themselves on the innocent hostages in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile province, and show that they will not let anyone blame them for exterminating the native people and stealing their land in a similar way that the Europeans came to global power?

In addition to Clooney’s and our cameras and proposals, what else has to be immediately done not only in the Nuba Mountains and Abyei but also in the Blue Nile province and along the entire border between both Sudans and Darfur?

In August 2011 Suleiman Rahhal from the Nuba Survival Organisation in London demanded that the international community immediately achieve the following:

- Sudanese armed forces (SAF) must be removed from all areas in war in the borders of Southern Sudan and Sudan.

- A No-fly-zone needs to be imposed over all areas to stop indiscriminate aerial bombings of the civilian population.

- Pressure must be exerted on the Sudan Government to allow access for humanitarian agencies to deliver desperately needed assistance to those in need.

- Immediate security arrangements need to be made by the two party’s signatory to the CPA.

- A political solution must be found and negotiated for the indigeniouss people who want to exercise their fundamental rights, including the right of  self-determination.

- Immediate investigations need to be carried out regarding the atrocities that are presently occuring and all individuals who have been found to have committed war crimes need to be brought to justice.

- Deployment of a neutral UN peacekeeping force in all war areas needs to take place immediately until a workable peaceful solution can be found for this region.

The Eyes and the Ears of God
- full documentary on YouTube

Tomo Križnar, activist and author of “Eyes and Ears of God – Video Surveillance of Sudan”


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